We are working very hard to improve our pastures for better feed for the sheep and chickens. We move the sheep into a new pasture every few days and then move the chicken tractor onto the old sheep pasture.

We also raise a few feeder pigs to fill our freezer, and yours! While they are not out on pasture, they have a lovely place to root around in outside in the sunshine and can come into the barn and snuggle into the straw to sleep.

Since chickens are said to be the gateway into farming, our gate must have been left wide open! We have many different breeds, but mostly great egg-laying breeds like Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, and Black Sex-Links. We use electric fence netting to keep our chickens safe while they live in moveable coops called “chicken tractors.” The chicken tractors are moved two to three times a day to provide access to fresh grass. Combined with our Guardian Livestock Dogs, our hens are protected from coons, possums, and aerial predators like hawks and eagles. Eating fresh grass and fermented grains give the egg yolks a bright color as well as deep flavor.