2023 Royal White Breeding stock will be available beginning mid-September and meat lambs beginning late October.

The Royal white breed is a fairly new breed of hair sheep, developed by William Hoag in Texas, crossing St. Croix hair sheep with Dorper sheep. Hoag selected for high quality meat, production, and performance. Royal White ewes have excellent mothering instincts with high milk production. Both ewes and rams are easy to handle and do not require shearing because of the hair coat that sheds in the spring. We wean our lambs on grass at around 90 days and at around 180 days our meat lambs are ready for processing. Our Royal White flock is grass fed in the growing months and hay fed in the winter.

One of our Breeding Rams, OK#1202, at 2 years old.

Some of our breeding ewes, ages 6 mo. to 3 years old.

These 2022 Royal White ram lambs about 4 months old.